Mirrored Landscapes

with Robert Lee Davis

Day 1 Session


Suitable for: ALL LEVELS

Each participant will create a collaged landscape that can be viewed upside down and the right way up.

We all know drawing upside down helps to develop one’s ability to recognize shapes and lines in a picture but turning an image upside down also breaks our ability to pass over items within the frame easily. We pay more attention and linger longer at a painting.
This workshop is designed to help you create a more dynamic and interesting art piece.

Participants are encouraged to use collected images from home to help you abstract your composition and delve deeper into personal art making and appreciation.


About the Presenter

Robert Lee Davis is an international mixed media artist who works with oil, acrylic paint, pen & ink, pencil, collage and collected objects in his practice. His work is influenced by stories, conversations and experiences he has absorbed from people and places around the world during residencies, exhibition and extensive teaching appointments.





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Web NCC 2020 Robert Lee Davis Headshot Artwork 250x250

Web NCC 2020 Robert Lee Davis Headshot Artwork 1 500x351

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Web NCC 2020 Robert Lee Davis Workstation 250x250

Artwork & Images courtesy of Robert Lee Davis