Yayoi Kusama Inspired Oil-Pastel Monoprint

In this lesson students explore the art elements of shape and pattern to create a Yayoi Kusama inspired patterned print. Students use oil pastels to create a base for their print on paper. Students trace over their pastel with another sheet of paper and a pencil drawing in patterns to create a transfer.

Lesson 1

Students explore the work of Yayoi Kusama. Discuss as a class the way she creates shapes and patterns in her work and her sources of inspiration. Demonstrate how students can create a monoprint using oil pastels and how patterns can be created using this method.

Students use oil pastels to cover a sheet of paper in colour. Students may choose to create a pattern on their paper or simply fill the page with colour.

Lesson 2

Students use their coloured paper from their last lesson and trace over the top with another sheet of paper. Students should consider what kind of pattern they are creating and how this relates to the work of Kusama.

Once students complete their pattern print they can choose how to present their work. Students may mount their finished piece on coloured paper as their print and pastel drawing or just their print.

What you’ll need:

Oil Pastels
Cartridge Paper 130gsm

Lesson Plan:

Lesson Plan: Yayoi Kusama Inspired Oil-Pastel Monoprint