Woven Skirt and Bodice

Term: 2 Year: 2011
Woven Skirt And Bodice 1
Kennington PS

As part of our unit on textiles students contributed to the weaving and decorating of a wire skirt and

A frame was constructed from wire and florist tape and students were provided with a variety of materials,
including ribbon, strips of lace and fabric and curling ribbon, to weave with.  One class wove the skirt
horizontally while another class wove the bodice vertically to provide distinction between the two separate items of
clothing.  Once the weaving was complete and the wire covered, students tied ribbon and bows into the frame to
add extra colour and detail.  This was a wonderfully interactive activity with all children able to take part
and work together to achieve a fabulous result. 

Lisa Findlay and Robyn Williams
Visual Art Teachers  
Kennington Primary School
Suitable for Level 3