Wooden Crosses

Cross with Colour SlixThese laser cut wooden crosses are nice and sturdy and provide a great base for decoration. They can be made into a mural (remember to varnish for outside products as the wood is raw) or they could be suspended in a space.


Wooden Crosses
Colour Slix
Posca Markers

How to decorate Wooden Crosses

Step 1.
Paint the base with either acrylic paint or Posca markers.

Step 2.
Once dry, either draw shapes and patterns with Posca markers or stick on outline stickers and colour in the areas with Posca markers.

Cross with StickersStep 3.
Once this layer is dry, you can add Colour Slix to create dotted patterns.

Step 4.
Spray varnish your cross for a longer lasting result (Posca markers will move with a paint on varnish).

Extension Ideas

  • Use wax crayons to draw a design before painting the crosses to create a wax resist.
  • Draw an Earth in the bottom of the 'Global Cross' to link the activity to historical or cultural messages.
  • The crosses could be decorated on both sides and suspended from the ceiling.