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Term: 1 Year: 2009

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This exhibition comprises a series of art works from Year 9, 10 3D and Studio Art Unit 3 & 4.

  The subject Three Dimensional Studies is taught from Year 8.   At this level I lay down the foundations
of materials and techniques.  For example, wood burning, glass mosaics and a variety of painting techniques. 
Even at this level students are encouraged to work at their own pace and problem solve (creates a challenging environment).

At Year 9 (elective subject) I still have a structure in terms of subject matter; the shoes, corset and torso shown here
are all part of this program.  Students have the option of choosing an object, eg shoe that already exists and
re-interpreting it – to still have the essence of the shoe (like an abstract painting) and still identifiable
as a shoe.  This exercise stretches the boundaries and encourages independent thinking.  I love the fact
that I can throw out one idea and get 25 totally different responses in return.

I am really interested in materials and techniques.  The majority of the work here comes from Year 10 3D classes. 
We have one double lesson and 2 singles over a semester.  The first topic is Metal Exploration; the design brief
stipulates the model must be 90% metal the rest is up to them.  A few years ago one of my Year 12 Studio Art
students made a dress based on leaves, many of which were metal embossed.  As often happens what I do (and the
students see) at Year 12 filters down to the other classes.

The examples here reflect the student’s confidence to experiment with metals to create aesthetically pleasing
pieces.  They have the skill at this level to work independently.  I am the facilitator, we work collaboratively
and they often amaze me with what they have created.  Problem solving at its best!   The second topic
is Clock Design and some students continued to use metal in this project.

This confidence in the use of materials and techniques can be seen in the two butterflies.  This student excelled
in 3D and created a 3D piece for her Year 12 Studio Art folio.

By building up skill levels as students progress through the subject is incredibly rewarding!  Every year we
explore a new medium and technique.  This year was our metal, wire, embossing and constructing phase. 
I look forward to 2009 as a new challenge!

I hope you enjoy the work on display here, we had a great time creating it!!

Level 5

Robyn Pryor
3D and Studio Arts Teacher
McKinnon Secondary College