Wire Jewellery


Jewellery making is a great activity for all ages. It develops fine motor skills and is a very tactile experience for children. It also provides an opportunity for senior students to learn the product design process. There are so many exciting materials that can be used to create unique jewellery pieces, including wire, resin, plastic, metal, wood and fibres.

Step-by-Step: Wire Jewellery


Multi-Wire Pendant

SLay four pieces of Coloured Armature Wire next to one another. Bend the soft wire into your desired design allowing each colour to sit side by side. Simply tighten the wire in a loop at the back to secure the design – no glue required.


Looped Earrings

Soft Wire is very easy to manipulate without tools.


Beading Wire Necklaces

Senior students may experiment with more complex beading and threading pieces.