Wire Insects

Term: 1 Year: 2006

Wire Insects 10
Wire Insects 9
Wire Insects 8
Wire Insects 7
Wire Insects 6
Wire Insects 5
Wire Insects 4
Wire Insects 3
Wire Insects 2
Wire Insects 1
Wire Insects 12
Wire Insects 11

Marvellous Miniatures

  • Students were encouraged to study insect drawings and photographs, examining them in detail.
  • Focusing on the intricate bodies and segments of the legs and wings, we discussed areas of positive and
    negative space.
  • Two-dimensional drawings were made using fine line textas, attention to detail was encouraged.
  • Students were then asked to imagine the insects as a piece of jewellery or miniature sculpture.
  • We examined the organic forms of the Art Nouveau artists, looking at the jewellery that was created during
    that period.
  • Students were asked to interpret their 2D drawings as 3D miniature sculptures.
  • Aluminium and floristry wire was used and combined with beads and marbles to create the pieces.

Level 4

Teacher: Debra Chapman

St Brigids Mordialloc