Weaving Pizza Trays

Term: 1 Year: 2007
Weaving Pizza Trays 4
Weaving Pizza Trays 4
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Weaving Pizza Trays 2
Weaving Pizza Trays 1
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Weaving Pizza Trays 5

Setting up a loom

  • Cut slits around the edge of a pizza tray, approximately 3cm apart.
  • Attach the end of a ball of wool to the back of the pizza tray and wind around the tray, going from one slit to the
    slit at the opposite end.
  • Gently pull to tighten as each warp is formed.
  • Continue this procedure until all the warps are formed, ensuring that they are taut.
  • Secure the end of the wool to the back of the tray.


  • When the weaving process was introduced, the children were asked to consider the colour combinations they would like
    to use.
  • A large variety of threads was made available to the children including roving yarn, feathers, ostrich, metallic thread
    and nylon raffia.
  • Emphasis was placed on the elements of colour, tone and texture.
  • Some children also added coloured beads to their weaving for extra decoration.
  • Completing the wall hanging – Children need to weave to the outer circular edge of the flat base section of the pizza
  • Cut off tabs around the perimeter of the tray where the slits were cut.
  • Children chose how they would like to finish off their wall hangings-spun/plaited hanging threads, sticks, tassels

LEVELS 1 & 2

Croydon North Primary School