Term: 1 Year: 2012

Students in 3/4S at Yarraville West Primary School worked together to produce an art piece for the annual YWPS Art Show.

Using a combination of folded and woven magazine pages, the students compiled an impressive patchwork collage.

"Our Art Fete piece is a patch work of weaving. It is very interesting and I really like it because it’s very colourful. Everyone participated in our art piece and it took two weeks to do it. Some people weaved more than others. I hope people like 3/4 Sarah’s art piece. I really think it’s amazing. When it was finished we all yelled HORRAY!" Written by Lola Vuletic.

"For 2 weeks the class have been working on our Fete piece and it’s finally done YAY! It is a weaving of magazine and the each member of the class has a least one weaved square. I enjoyed making this. I had fun!" Jasper Hamm.

"For the Fete we all did a part of the piece. Some os us did folding, some cut triangles and some did the weaving. The hardest thing of the piece was that it took about 2 weeks! It is probably the hard thing I’ve ever done. We used a glue gun to stick it all down. We did it nearly everyday. I was very happy when it was finished. I was glad we had finally done it!" Daniel Sneddon.

"Our Fete piece took is 2 weeks. We all did weaving. It’s better than good. We put a lot of effort into it." Victoria Ogle.

"For the last two weeks out grade (3/4S) have been working on our artwork. I like how we worked together as a grade and trust me it was worth it. We put a lot of work into it which is why I am proud of it. All the weavings look great! It was hard but fun!!" Written by Patrick Luker

"It took a long time to make out art piece because at first we didn’t work together. But the second time we did work together by people doing triangles, folding and weaving. It took about two weeks to make it. It is definitely harder than it looks. We used a hot glue gun to stick it on." By Jesse Browne.

"For the Fete we made a huge board of weaving. Instead of doing individual art pieces we did a whole grade thing. It took us about 2 weeks to make it. Finally we have finished and it looks great." Sarah Fjeldstad.

"The Fete is coming up and we have just finished our weaving. It took a lot of hard work to finish it. I love our weaving. I’m sure you will too." Angus Vander.

"We had fun making our art piece. I liked making our art piece because our class did it all together. I also liked it because I like weaving even though I don’t think I’m that good at it. At least I got to make triangles and fold the triangles. It took s about two weeks to make our art piece and it looks really good. I hope you like it as well." Theo Parsons 3/4 Sarah.

"For our piece we did a patch work. It took us about two weeks so you better like it. We had to rip pages out of magazines, then turn them into thin strips and then weaved them together. We had to make 50 small patches to make this great patch work." by Sam Gibson.

"For the Fete we had to do lots of weaving.
It took a long time to make.
It is very beautiful and colourful.
There is a lot of hard work put into this work." Tabetha Judge.

"Our piece was a success. It took us two weeks. We did over 100 weavings for this board. We went through over 45 hot glue gun sticks. It looks really really good." By Cooper Granger.

Yarraville West Primary School
Suitable for Level 3