Vibrant Birds

Term: 1 Year: 2014

Students in Level 4 were introduced to Vibrant Watercolour paints.

Each table was given a small amount of mixed colours in round portion controlled pallets and water containers.  Students learnt that some paints only need the smallest amounts of paint to cover a large space.

Session 1

On a scrap white cartridge paper 200gms students experimented with the paint effects on both dry and wet paper.

Session 2

Students were asked to research birds and sketch at least three designs into their visual diary. Students were encouraged to draw birds they knew, birds from different angles birds close up or birds from their imaginations.

Once students chose their bird they were given a limited amount of time to sketch their birds onto 200gms cartridge paper. (Ideally watercolour paper is best if budget allows for it!)

Students were asked to sketch very lightly and dismiss detail. They had 5 minutes to sketch the overall design.

Session 3

On dry paper students used the vibrant paints to outline and cover some parts of the bird. Using a spay bottle, I walked around the room spraying their art work allowing the paint to bleed. They were not allowed to move the work for at least 5 minutes. This was then carefully placed on the drying rack for the week to dry. Students loved this process, watching their peers work and sharing their opinions.

Final session

Using oil pastels, pencils, markers and waterproof fine liners students were given the opportunity to add the details they wanted on their birds. Some students worked on their birds for a few more weeks during their spare time.

The final results are wonderful!

Sofi Tsolakis
Visual Art Teacher
Templestowe Heights Primary School
Suitable for level 3-4