Twelve Apostles

Term: 4 Year: 2009
Twelve Apostles 5
Twelve Apostles 4
Twelve Apostles 3
Twelve Apostles 2
Twelve Apostles 1
Twelve Apostles 9
Twelve Apostles 8
Twelve Apostles 7
Twelve Apostles 6

The students of level 3 were studying Victorian land formations and one of those areas was the The Twelve Apostles.

We followed this up in art class.

Firstly the students drew a horizon line, then used Ocaldo paints to paint a sea and sky in an interesting way on A3

They then used an A4 paper to paint stripes to represent the interesting tones of the eroding ‘apostles’.
They used Ocaldo earth tones for this work.

Next lesson the children tore interesting shapes out of the A4 sheet to create their ‘Twelve Apostles” and
glued them onto the sea. They could then use paint, pastels or markers to embellish their work to their satisfaction.

Fiorella Glavich
Art/Craft teacher
Serpell Primary School