Munch’s ‘The Scream’ In Pastel

Term: 2 Year: 2008
The Scream 2018 2
The Scream 2018 1
The Scream 2018 5
The Scream 2018 4
The Scream 2018 3

Week One

The children were introduced to “The Scream” by Edvard Munch and we discussed the feelings of the main character of the work. We also discussed the background and perspective.

The children  were given black paper and oil pastels to make their own background. Each table had their own smaller laminated version of the work to refer to. I encouraged the children to use different colours to the original work and to experiment with their lines. Drawing of the bridge railing was also demonstrated.

At the end of this lesson the children shared their work with the rest of the class and were surprised how different they all looked.

Week Two

Again we looked closely at the artwork before embarking on modelling the head and hands of our character from Paper Magiclay. Each child was given a small amount of the material to work with and all were very surprised how easily it moulded to the desired shape. I demonstrated making the mouth shape by putting the end of a pencil in and pulling it down a little. The children worked to create their own style of hands, which were then pressed on to the side
of the face.

Black cloth rectangles were provided for the clothing and the children cut these to size and cut a sleeve into the side. These sleeves were then folded up to meet and cover the ends of the hands. Both the head and clothing were glued on to the backgrounds using PVA.

To complete their artwork the children selected their own mounting sheet to complement the colours in their background.

Jenny Gildea
Sherbourne Primary School

Suitable for Level 4