Textured Paper Birds

Term: 1 Year: 2013



We talked briefly about the features of birds, and discussed the unique aspects of some birds.

We also talked about their previous knowledge of collage and what textured papers look like.


Students viewed images of birds.


We looked closely to see the shapes, both geometric and organic, that each bird feature has. Students then used pencil to sketch lots of birds using these shapes as a guide.


Students observed the step by step process of bubble wrap printing. They then worked in pairs to produce several pieces.

Students also observed the step by step process of using organic and geometric shapes to create each part of the bird. We used the idea of puzzle pieces that all fit together in the gluing stage.

Students also shared the textured papers in order to maximise their colour choices.


Cutting out and mounting each piece of their bird puzzle was an important part of the process.

Art works have been on display during our art exhibition.


Students needed to revisit their learning intentions in order to meet the artistic criteria set. We also reflected and discussed the successes achieved.

Chris Charles
Visual Art Teacher
Hillsmeade Primary School
Suitable for level 3