Terrific Torsos

Term: 2 Year: 2012

Design Brief
3D Design Studies Major Project

You will be given your own Paper Mache torso to recreate as your own design. Research a theme, construction and decorative approach you will be take. Art, Social, Environmental, Political themes for example.

Alter the Torso as your design dictates. Add to the form and remodel it using paper Mache techniques, Paper Magiclay, wires or mesh with Modroc (a type of plaster impregnated bandage). You may cover the surface of the torso with paint, paper, glass, metal shim, beads, plastics (recycled theme), fabrics or wires. A mixed media approach is also a possibility.

Document all design concepts, sketches, notes, colour examples and related research in your sketchbooks. Continue to make notes in your sketchbook during the creation of your torso, use it like a diary to record your progress each lesson. Where possible you could add photographs of each step.

Note any design challenges, and if and how you resolved them, or if your design takes a new direction that you did not anticipate.


Sketchbook – research and design development (10-12 pages) 50%
Finished Sculpture 50%
Box Hill High School