Term: 4 Year: 2006

Tapestries 1
Tapestries 3
Tapestries 2

After being inspired by the “Golden Tapestry” made for the Queen’s Jubilee by the children of
the Commonwealth, I decided to embark on tapestries with grades 3 & 4 that would depict our newly established
vegetable garden at Rosanna Golf Links Primary School.


  • We began by researching aerial view photographs and the children designed their tapestries from this viewpoint.
  • The garden bed was painted on to Hessian then the planting was created using stitching and appliqué of
    fabric, buttons and beads.
  • Final detail of birds, insects, gumboots etc. were glued on using leather scraps and pistachio nut shells.
  • Students enjoyed the challenge of the project and produced some fantastic works of ‘growing art’.

Rosanna Golf Links Primary School