Shrink Plastic Jewellery

Shrink Plastic

Shrink Plastic is not just for little kids! The design possibilities are only limited by your imagination. This activity can be modified to suit any age or ability level and can be adapted for any shape. 

Step-by-Step: Shrink Plastic Ring


Step One

Draw a design on the Shrink Film. The design will shrink to one-fifth of the original size.

Shrink Plastic Step two
Step Two

Lightly sand the reverse side of the plastic to help the colour adhere.

Shrink Plastic Step three

Step Three

Use Coloured Pencils or Sharpies to add colour to your design on the sanded side of the plastic. Colour lightly as the pigment will intensify.

Step Four

Once decorated, cut around the design.

Tip: If making charms or pendants, remember to punch a hole in your design before shrinking!

Step Five

Use a heat gun on low or place your Shrinky in the oven at 160°C for three minutes or until flat. Wait 30 seconds once flat before removing from the oven. Use a tool to flatten the design while it’s still hot.

NB: This requires adult

Notice the size difference between the original design and final piece after shrinking. It is important to plan for this when deciding on the size of your design. The outer diametre of this ring was 4.5cm. Trial and error may be required – a great cross-curricular lesson bringing maths into art.

 Exploration: Other Jewellery Ideas using Shrink Plastic


Charms Bracelet

Create charms using modelling media. Alternatively use Shrinky Dinks for transparent and novel trinkets (pictured). 

Pendant Necklace

Make a larger design to turn your art into a pendant.