Term: 4 Year: 2006

Shoes 5
Shoes 4
Shoes 3
Shoes 2
Shoes 1
Shoes 6

Materials: Cardboard, Cylinders, Masking tape, Papier Mache, glue, Newspaper, White paper, Paint.

Planning: Discuss different shoe types and how they could construct them using cardboard and cylinders.
Brainstorm ideas of what makes Melbourne unique; eg landmarks, famous people, activities. (I had photographic resources
to inspire them) They then had to draw up their shoe and layout their chosen images (I suggested no more than 5 images)

Construction: Students traced around their own foot to get the basic shape, they then used cylinders
and cardboard to build up the shoe shape. Students completed two layers of newspaper papier Mache over their shoe
followed by one white layer of papier Mache. They were left to dry before painting.

Decorating: Students first transferred their images onto the shoes using pencil. They then painted
each surface of their shoe.

Oatlands Primary School