Self Portraits with Wendy-Jane Sheppard

Term: 3 Year: 2012

During term 1 students in Grades 3-6 had the privilege to work with brilliant local artist Wendy-Jane Sheppard for a series of 5 sessions. This was funded by the prize money that our grade 5 student won last year in the year 5-7 category of the Kmart art of giving competition.

Each session with Wendy-Jane Sheppard had a different focus. During one of their sessions they explored drawing self portraits using a range of mirrors and reflective surfaces to support the drawing process. They experimented with drawing using charcoal as well as with a rub-out technique where they covered their sheet in charcoal and used plastic erasers to create their portrait.

Students chose the technique, or combination of techniques, when producing their final artwork.

Emma Braham
Gruyere Primary School
Suitable for Levels 3-4