Sea Monsters

Term: 4 Year: 2012

The Year 3/4 students at Cranbourne East Primary School have been developing their understanding of texture.

Art form: Collage
Art Element: Texture

 During this activity, we were focusing on visual texture and how to create the artwork using a variety of processes. For the first session, the students created the own visually textured papers.

They made these papers using:
– rubbing plates from Zart to create rubbed papers
– rubbing plates and bubble wrap to create printed papers
– glue scrapers, palette knives, paint wands etc to create painted papers
– bubble paint (watered down paint with dishwashing detergent) to create a bubbled effect paper.

The following session they produced a simple drawing of their Sea Monster as a guide for their collage work. Students created their collage using the papers they had produce and shared papers. The activity required the students to use their imagination and collage skills. They needed to consider the layout of the artwork (if the monster was confined to the paper or if it came off the page) and remember to draw on the back of the papers to prevent pencil lines. The collage was completed over two sessions. Students also looked at and discussed the work of Surrealist artist Max Ernst.

Alison Elliott
Visual Art Teacher
Cranbourne East Primary School
Suitable for Level 3