Sculptural 3D Card

Term: 2 Year: 2007

Sculptural 3d Card 2
Sculptural 3d Card 1
Sculptural 3d Card 4
Sculptural 3d Card 3


These sculptures are made from foam core board and coloured cardboard figures.

They are based on the animated stylised figures of Keith Haring's murals. Students also incorporated icons
from popular culture in their designs.

  • First stage was designing 10 animated figures and some modern icons.
  • Second stage students selected one of their figure designs and enlarged this on to coloured card (ensuring
    they cut out two figures – one for the front and back) and balanced the other figures and icons within
    the main figure.
  • Third stage they drew the designs on to the card with thick black markers.
  • Finally they then cut the figure out of card, traced the shape on to foam core board and glued the figures
    on to the foam.
  • Small stands were made from foam core board.

Level 5

Penleigh and Essendon Grammar Keilor