Scrunched Newspaper Bunny

Scrunched Newspaper Easter Bunny

Make this cute Eater Bunny out of old Newspaper and Zart School Colours. Use different background colours to create and impressive classroom display this Easter. 


Cover Paper 38 x 51cm
Zart School Colours Paint- White
Black marker  Edding 2000
Satin Ribbon
Glitter Paper

How to make a Scrunched Newspaper Bunny

Step 1
Scrunch up a piece of Newspaper into a ball.

Step 2
Dip the Newspaper ball into the Zart School Colours. Dab the scrunched Newspaper ball onto the Cover Paper to form the body shape of the bunny. Dab the arms and legs.

Step 3
Use a Black Marker to add lines around the body parts to represent the fur.

Step 4
Cut egg shapes from Glitter Paper and glue around the bunny.

Step 5
Make a bow from Satin Ribbon and glue to the bunny.