Romero Britto Inspired Book Characters

Term: 3 Year: 2019

Acrylic and permanent markers on canvas panels
8×10” and 8×8” canvas boards

Year 5 students looked at the works of Romero Britto, an artist from Brazil who uses bright colours and bold patterns to create artworks designed ‘make people happy’. The students then created their own book character in the same style to go on display in our school Library.

The students had to draw and refine their design of a beloved book character and then transfer their design to the canvas panel using tracing paper. They added bold lines dissecting their work into segments and sketched out a plan of what colours and designs to use to create a well-balanced composition. Students used permanent markers to outline and Posca acrylic pens to add a variety of bright colours and patterns to their canvases. Student could also add an optional ‘pop’ of glitter if they chose.

They were also issued an additional challenge to try and include a ‘sneaky’ nod to themselves in the form of a name or initials hidden within their design, just like Britto does within his squiggly patterns.

Year 5
Karoo Primary School, Rowville