Resin Jewellery

Resin Jewellery

Resin is a unique material for creating jewellery as it’s strong, waterproof and can be made either translucent or opaque. We used Liquid Gloss resin as it ensures a hardy finish.

Note: Resin is suitable for students in Year 9 and above.

Step-by-Step:Pendants & Rings with Resin & Armature Wire
Resin Jewllery Step 1

Step One
Form a frame for your Resin piece using Flat Armature Wire. Ensure the ends meet and close the gap by wrapping clear tape around the end. For pendants, don’t forget to make a ring to thread through your necklace material (don’t fill this with resin).

Resin Jewellery Step 2

Step Two
Press the wire outline onto a piece of packaging tape, ensure it is as flat as possible so no resin can seep underneath the wire.

Resin Jewellery Step five

Step Five
Remove tape. Use a Precision Knife to carefully trim and tidy up any Resin overflow with a day of curing. Be careful not to scratch the wire.


Step Six
For a pendant, earring or brooch, use a mixture of Jewellery Findings and Leather Thonging to thread up your designs..