Term: 4 Year: 2006

Printing 3
Printing 2
Printing 1
Printing 10
Printing 9
Printing 8
Printing 7
Printing 6
Printing 5
Printing 4

The students read 'The Best Beak in Boonaroo Bay' by Narelle Oliver, and discussed how the pictures were
created. Narelle Oliver used Lino cuts and watercolour paints.

  • Students were given different materials to make prints with paint: Bottle tops, filters, cardboard Form Cuts
    and toothpicks.
  • The class came together and we made a chart of all the different print marks that we made.
  • We discussed how we could make the marks into birds from the book as well as plants, water etc from the story.
  • The students used the different tools and black paints to create a scene from 'The Best Beak in Boonaroo
    Bay'. When the prints were dry Ocaldo paints were used to give colour to the pictures.

Materials: Cartridge Paper, Black paint, Printing tools, bottle tops, filters, toothpicks, cardboard,
Form Cuts, Ocaldo Blocks.

Reference: Linking Art with Literature Kate Hart
St Pauls Primary School Monbulk