Polymer Clay Jewellery


Soft and easy to use, Sculpey is suitable for all ages. Available in a range of colours, which can be extended further by blending together. Metallic Leaf is a great addition to jewellery made from Sculpey.

Step-by-Step: Pendant with Tassels and Polymer Clay


Step One

Pinch a piece of clay the size of a stone and squish it in your fingers to condition it. Once soft, begin to roll the clay into a ball using the palm of your hands. Add in small pieces of contrasting colours and roll again to smooth out the ball. Note that unconditioned clay will crack once baked.


Step Two

Flatten clay ball with a plastic rolling pin or hands, then cut your desired pendant shape using Geometric Cutters or a Potter's Knife.


Step Three

Use a dry soft brush to apply metal leaf onto unbaked clay.

Step Four

BAdd textural details using a Potter's Needle, Skewer or sculpting tool.

Step Five

Gently use a clay tool or Satay Stick to pierce holes for the tassels and leather thonging. Pushing the tool through from either side will ensure a neater finish. Make sure the holes are big enough as you can't fix this after baking.

Bake at 130 degrees celsius for 15 minutes per 6mm thickness. Do not pre-heat oven. Allow design to cool in oven with door open rather than removing it suddenly as the temperature shock may cause fragility.

Step Six

Use Armature Wire and Jewellery Pliers to create jump rings big enough to secure the tassels to the clay pendant. Add leather thonging.

 Exploration: Other Jewellery Ideas with Polymer Clay


Make Your Own Beads

Use Sculpey to create your own beads. Thread a hole through the beads prior to baking them in an oven. 


Thread handmade beads onto Leather or Hemp Cord to create a striking necklace. For bracelets, thread beads onto Stretch Beading Cord for more flexibility. 


Earrings with Sculpey

Create small models or shapes for drop or post and stud earrings. 

Sculpey Brooches

Flatten balls of Sculpey and cut designs using cookie cutters. Imprint surface with textural plates and stamps.