Percussion Instruments

Term: 4 Year: 2007

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How to:

  • The students were familiar with percussion instrument through our music program and choir before we began.
  • Each group then looked at the history of percussion instruments through different cultures, natural materials
    used, their construction, decoration and use.
  • They were allowed to make and decorate in any style as long as there was a sound that could be repeated.
  • Year 3-4 made maracas in Term 2 using papier mache over a balloon.
  • These were used in the music room and also for their topic about heritage and migration.
  • Year 6 used recycled materials from home and Reverse Art Truck to build their instruments.
  • The brief was to create sounds at least two different ways – banging, scraping, striking, shaking, twisting
  • The drums have a skin made from a thick rubber glove or household gloves and the sound is excellent if stretched
    tightly (which is difficult to do).
  • These were also used successfully in the music program.

Level 3-4

Eltham East Primary School