Papier Mache Giraffes

Term: 4 Year: 2013

Our school mascot is a very tall Giraffe called Foo Foo and so we had an excellent model for our wonderful giraffes.

Our paper mache giraffes were made by artists from our 3/4 level.

Materials Used

Diluted PVA glue
White tissue paper


Children sketched a giraffe in their art design books to help them to be aware of the proportions of the giraffe’s body.

They used crumpled up newspaper to make up the head, body, and four legs. A cardboard cylinder was used for the neck.

The body parts were joined together using masking tape. It is important that the giraffe is able to stand on its own before the paper mache can be applied.

Paper mache was applied using watered down PVA glue and white cut up tissue paper. Two to three layers are all that is required.

When dry giraffes were painted and tail and ears added.

This project took 4×50 minute sessions to complete and was very engaging and a lot fun to do.

Mary Cooper
Visual Arts Teacher
Oakleigh Primary School
Suitable for level 3