‘Invader’ inspired Paper-Pixel (Pug) Mosaic


In this video we create a Paper pixel Mosaic inspired by the Space Invader Project by street artist Invader, which features pixelated images in different locations across the world.

We start by creating our own pixelated mosaic by using water colour paints to colour paper. We then draw grids on our pieces of paper and cut out small squares of different colours.

Once we have our coloured square pieces we use blue tac to adhere our mosaic to a large piece of paper. If you were completing this project at home you could adhere your project directly on to a wall.

Lesson 1

Students analyse the work of street artist Invader. What does his work represent? What is a
pixelated image? How is the artwork presented and where? How does this change the impact of the
work as opposed to display in a gallery?

Students will create their own pixelated design by either using grid paper to draw on to or the iPad
app Dottable. Discuss how to turn an image into a pixilation by simplifying the shape and creating an
outline for the work. Students practice drawing their image into a block shape and then transferring
that to their grid considering the colours which they will use.

Lesson 2

Students cut out squares from coloured paper to use in their paper mosaic. If they do not have the
specific colour they need available, they can colour their own paper using watercolours or paints.
Students rule out squares on their paper considering how big they would like their final mosaic to be
presented. Students then cut out their squares.

Lesson 3

Students use their coloured squares and decide where they would like to present their work.
Using Blu tack students create their mosaic in a public area whether that be a wall, window or table.

Lesson Plan: Street Art Inspired Paper Pixel Mosaic
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