Orphism – Inspired DIY Wooden Clock Kit

In this lesson students explore the art style of Orphism and how different shapes and colours are used to create abstracted artworks which create a sense of movement.
Students create Orphism inspired patterns on a wooden clock base using paint markers. Students discuss the display of their work.

Lesson 1

Discuss with students the art movement of Orphism. Describe how colours and shapes are used to create a sense of moving light across the artwork. Discuss abstract art and what may have inspired this movement. Show students how artworks can be displayed in different ways which can impact meaning of a finished piece.

Students use Orphism to inspire the design for their own wooden clock. Students recreate some of the shapes and patterns seen in Orphism on their clock face using paint makers. Students think about the shape of the clock they are working on, how patterns can work with this shape and how the clock itself may impact the display or reading of the artwork.

As a class discuss the finished artworks and speak about the element of time and movement and how this can be reflected in an artwork.

Lesson Plan:

Lesson Plan: Orphism – Inspired DIY Wooden Clock Kit