What you’ll need:

A3 Foam board
A3 cover Paper
5 Paper Cups
Paint – Blue, Green, Yellow, Red and Black
White Paint Marker
Supertac or PVA
Scissors or Craft Knife
Lead pencil
Ping pong ball

Step 1
Paint each of the cups a different colour inside and out and leave to dry

Step 2
Cut a 5cm strip from the bottom of your Foam board to make a stand. Cut this piece in half to make two 15cm x 5cm pieces and make a mark 2cm from the edge on both pieces. Rule a guide line from the 2cm mark to the edge and then *cut these pieces away. (You should ask an adult to cut this for you with a Craft Knife) Glue the angled side of the two larger pieces onto the bottom edge of the board 8cm from the edges

Step 3
Cut a 5cm strip off the bottom of the Blue Cover paper. Fold the cover paper in half and draw a line across the unfolded end the thickness of a ruler. Rule more ruler thickness lines from the folded edge to the top line right across the paper and the cut along these lines using the top line to show you where to stop cutting

Step 4
Draw ruler thickness lines all the way down the white paper and cut into strips. Use the white strips to weave into the blue frame. When your weaving is finished, glue down all of the edges

Step 5
Glue the woven mat onto the foam board and leave to dry

Step 6
Write your numbers on the inside of the cups with a white paint marker and glue the base of each cup onto the woven side of the board and leave to dry. We followed the pattern of the Olympic Rings

Step 7
You are ready to play. This game is suitable for one player or you can play as a team.