Moving Characters



These Wind-Up Mechanisms are a fun addition to modelling projects, but are only suitable for lightweight modelling materials such as Magiclay and Modelling Foam.

Step 1. Using Magiclay or Modelling Foam, model and build around the surface of the Wind-Up Mechanism. Avoid putting clay on the underside of the mechanism i.e. base, wheels, legs, and keep the handle and spoke clear – this will ensure your character goes the distance!

Step 2. Make the character’s head out of a small ball of aluminium foil. Model the Magiclay (or Modelling Foam) over the ball and then attach to the body.

Step 3. Add additional details such as ears, eyes, nose, hair, antlers, clothing, etc. Experiment with marbling and mixing colours, and using a combination of Magiclay and Modelling Foam. Leave to dry.

Step 4. Once dry, wind up and watch your character come to life!

NB: Students may choose to create festive characters, symbols , their pet or a mini version of themselves!