Movement: Dance Graphic Design

Term: 1 Year: 2014

In the first activity, students in Year 6 used a wooden manikin to explore body proportion and shape.

They were shown a large number of pictures of different types of dancers. Then they were instructed to pose the manikins in a movement stance and draw it, with an emphasis on a dance movement. Students then used coloured fine liners to create costumes and shapes with words in their figures.

Wire Sculpture

In the second activity, Year 6 was given an opportunity to explore body shapes using soft coloured armature wire. Students were shown a number of ways of joining the wire to create figures in dance positions. Then using their knowledge of proportion, they proceeded to create a wire sculpture of their own.

Degas Paintings

In the third activity, Art Extension students looked at works by Degas .We discussed the painting in detail. Each student chose a painting that they “loved” and wanted to re-create.

In the first two sessions students explored soft pastel techniques and colour theory. In the third lesson, they started lightly sketching the Degas of their choice. In the reminding lessons the Year 6 students added soft pastel to create a soft floating movement, as in the style of the artist.

Rendering Activity

In the fourth activity, students explored rendering techniques using canvas and pencil, with a focus on dance again.

Head of Visual Arts
Ms Katrina Weaver
Mount Waverly Primary School
Suitable for 
AusVELS level 6