Margaret Preston Inspired Paper Flower Collage

This video Margaret Preston Inspired Paper Flower Collage is great for junior primary to middle primary. Preston is best known for her print making work based on flowers. We create a work based on these aesthetic qualities using bright coloured paper and a black marker.

We begin by creating the paper flower shapes as well as a few different leaves. Once we’ve cut these shapes out we outline them in thick black marker to allude to the quality of a lino print. Folding these pieces then gives them a three-dimensional quality. The next step is to layer these elements together to create a composition.

This paper collage will focus on skills in drawing, cutting and creating an aesthetically pleasing composition. The end result is a bold and bright paper collage that pays homage to the style of Preston’s prints. Simple to achieve using only a few very basic materials, it’s a fun and relatively mess-free art activity to try at home or in the artroom (virtual or otherwise).

Lesson Plan: Margaret Preston Inspired Flowers

Materials List:

Click here for a handy link to the materials used in this activity