Make your own mini silk screen using an Embroidery Hoop

In this video we show you a simple and easy way to create your own mini silk screen for printing. By using an embroidery hoop and silk screen mesh we created our own design to be printed multiple times on a calico pencil case.

We sketched a design onto the mesh and used Mod Podge as our masking solution instead of cutting a stencil like other silk screening methods.

Once the design dried we used textile printing ink to scrape through the silk screen and create a print. After several prints have been made and dried we used Posca Pens to add details to the design.

Lesson Plan

Materials Used:

Embroidery Hoop 3″ – 78mm
Silk Screen 43T Mesh 150cm
Mod Podge Matte 8oz
Calico All Purpose Case 5’s
Screenprinting Ink for Fabric