Local Landscape Paintings

Term: 1 Year: 2019

Our project began with an excursion to the NGV Australia (Federation Square)

We discussed how Australian landscapes evolved from Colonial to the Australian Impressionist, and beyond. We look at artists such as, John Glover, Louis Buvelot, Frederick McCubbin, and Arthur Streeton.
Words to be familiar with:
• colour
• tone
• texture
• light
• horizon
• palate
• tache
• Plein-Air
• composition
• Colonial
• Impressionism
• Contemporary

*This is a lunchtime extension program. I take on 20 students – this allows for the groups to be small and more manageable. I then split the 20 into 2 groups of 10 students, and they must commit to painting 2 lunchtimes a week. Students submit an application as to why they wish to be a part of the painting program. This program provides an opportunity for students who have a passion for visual art to further develop their painting skills and techniques, closely observe the works of others, and to develop their own artwork with a critical eye.
Year 5/6
Croydon Hills Primary School, Croydon Hills