Liz Trapp Inspired Floral Collage

In this lesson students will explore the works of Liz Trapp. Students will create a floral collage based on Trapp’s work using hand made papers. Students will make their own papers using colour slicks or paint and cut these down into small shapes before constructing a collage.

Lesson 1

Students explore the artworks of Liz Trapp. Discuss her style, source of inspiration and where students can see the art elements of colour and texture and how layers are created in her work.
Students will create their own floral collage using hand made papers. Students think about the colours that they will use for their collage and create papers using these colours and textures.
Students can create their papers with colour slicks or acrylic paints.

Lesson 2

Using the papers from the previous lesson students begin creating their collage. Students should begin with the background layer of leaves and vines. Students should then work on the foreground layer of flowers. Students can construct their flowers on a separate piece of paper or paste their pieces directly on their background layer.

Lesson 3

Students complete their collage. Once completed students can discuss how they may present their artwork as a class or whether their work could be framed or mounted for presentation.

What you’ll need:

Slicks Warm Earth
Slicks Cool Ocean
Glue Stick
Cartridge Paper

Lesson Plan:

Lesson Plan: Liz Trapp Inspired Floral Collage