Interpretive Landscapes

Term: 2 Year: 2009
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The children in grades 3 & 4 looked at and discussed many different landscape pictures, styles and artists.

We looked at Claude Monet-Impressionism, Wassily Kandinsky-Expressionism, from the Water pack we also looked at and discussed John Olse-The Lake’s Edge and Margret Preston-Flying Over The Shoalhaven River. From the Viewpoints pack we looked at Mickey of Ulladulla- Boats, Fish, Native Flora and Funa, as well as many others.

We discussed that a landscape can be very interpretive and that it can be ‘real life’ or very ‘Impressionistic’, ‘Self Expression’ or even ‘Surrealism’. With a lot of ideas in mind the children worked in groups of three or four to plan and design a Landscape collage.

We went to work, I put out many different fabrics, threads and general stuff but suggested to the children to get and gather things they thought of. Thus the result was pieces including sand and small stones as well as an array of beautiful and different fabrics and art materials.
Chatham Primary School