Knights in Shining Armour

Term: 4 Year: 2013

To introduce this unit of work, level 3/4 students looked at many examples of armour worn by warriors and soldiers.

We discussed the patterns and symmetry of the costumes. Students sketched designs in their art design books to help them visualize their Knights.


Embossed foil
Ball-point pens
Black mounting paper
Decorative paper
Gold and silver felt-tipped pens


We used a variety of stencils for the Knights. This helped the students maximise the use of the embossed foil.

Students traced out their stencils and carefully cut out their Knights. (The foil is sharp and students need to be careful not to cut themselves.)

Stencils are laid out on to a folded newspaper and students can draw their designs on to their Knights using a ball-point pen to make the indentations.

Knights were mounted on to black shield shapes and decorated using papers and gold/silver pens.

The students were thrilled with their finished projects and grouped together they made a stunning display in our school foyer.

Mary Cooper
Visual Arts Teacher
Oakleigh Primary School
Suitable for level 3