Ink Blot Designs

Term: 4 Year: 2011
Ink Blot Designs 2
Ink Blot Designs 1
Ink Blot Designs 5
Ink Blot Designs 4
Ink Blot Designs 3


•A3 Cartridge (125- 130gsm preferably)
•Permanent Markers (assorted sizes)
-*Essential to check permanency of marker ink to ensure lines do not smudge when wet
•Water-soluble coloured
-(multiples 12-pack colours plus several packets of 36 colours for additional blending options)
•Water pots
•~size 2-8 soft brushes
•Paper towel

Ink Blot Preparation – (5 minutes during a prior session)

•Using a pipette or bottle with tiny hole in nozzle, teacher drizzles a random swirl of ink onto A3 cartridge
•Students blow through a straw to spread ink across page. (4-5 blows are usually ample)
•Put aside to

Ink Blot Pictures – Design & Detail (~40 – 60 minutes)

•Students view blown-ink designs from previous session then explore and discuss design possibilities.
-View page from multiple directions; squint; look at ink blot from a distance; ask others what they can see.
•Using permanent fine and medium black markers, students add lines to create a fantasy creature/item. Include
both bold structural lines and intricate detail such as scales & body patterns 
•*HINT: If the
creation has eyes…make them obvious.
•If ready – start colouring (see below)

Ink Blot Pictures – Colour Application (~40 – 60 minutes)

•Referring to the Colour Wheel – students revise colours that ‘blend well’ together.
•Commence colouring with each area/section coloured with at least 3 colours/hues. (Red, orange, yellow), (Dark,
medium & light blue)
•Coloured pencil is applied firmly and thoroughly to ensure vibrancy of final

Ink Blot pictures – Water application (~ 20 – 30 minutes)

•Colours in various sections are carefully blended; making sure brush is washed thoroughly/ wiped with paper
towel between sections/significant colour changes. Dry flat to minimize colour runs.
•Students create a
title/name for their artwork.

“With this activity I always know the children will create something fantastic…but I never know

Dingley Primary School – Lynn Jennison
Suitable for Level 3