Hanging Sculptures

Term: 2 Year: 2014

Lowther Hall Junior School made use of wire, sisal pots, buttons and beads to create a series of hanging baskets. The unit emphasised the importance of developing an idea through drawing. 

Unit name: UBD
Year Level: 2
Year: 2013

Desired Results

Understandings: Students will understand that making art work:

-Requires inspiration which can be gained from a variety of starting points

-Is an ongoing developmental and reflective process

-Requires the exploration of materials, techniques and processes

-To draw what they see requires detailed looking and practice

-Drawing is used to refine solutions to artworks

-A 3D sculpture needs to be viewed from all directions

Essential questions:

-What different media shall I incorporate into the sculpture?

-How will the design challenge me to learn new skills and techniques?

-What is the best way to manipulate wire?

Students will know:

-How to develop personal ideas for making artworks

-How to explore media effectively

-Make connections between ideas and real life inspiration

-How to emboss foil

Students will be able to:

-Generate and develop visual ideas through use of imagination and develop own concept of a 3D artwork

-Share ideas, look at photographs and discus the art elements.

-Plan through drawing for finished artworks

-Demonstrate the use of art elements of shape and colour to make a 3D artwork

Assessment Evidence

Performance tasks:

-Visual diary draw ideas for shapes and the plan for the artwork.

-Create a sculpture using wire manipulated around a sisal pot

-Combine different media and design shapes to be made from embossing foil.

Other Evidence:

-T   -Teacher observation

      -Student response to feedback for effective learning 

      Learning Plan

     –The students will collectively draw up Rubrics for assessing the sculpture.

-The students will use their visual diary to develop their idea, and  make drawings. They will list the materials needed, and prepare the base which is the sisal pot wrapped with armature wire.

-The students will investigate different ways of making the components of the sculpture.. They will make drawings to develop their idea for their sculpture. They will explore shape as a means of creating  a 3D artwork. They will problem solve the ways to effectively construct the various elements of the design.