Graduation Wall Hanger

Graduation Wall Hanger ActivityLook back on the memorable times spent at Primary School and create a wall hanger to represent your favourite aspects of each year! Use construction, modelling and collage skills to create your own unique piece of artwork. Ask students to share ideas with their classmates and reflect on all the fun they had together.


Mountboard Tags
Cartridge Paper A4
Uni-Ball Signo Gel Pen White
Budget Fineliner
Zart Indigenous Paper
Oriental Decorative Paper
Kinder Squares Metallic
Printing Foam
Pom Poms Glitter
Satin Ribbon

How to make a Graduation Wall Hanger

Step 1
Decorate seven Mountboard Tags, one for every year spent at Primary School, with drawings, collage, models and words, representing memories of each grade level.

Step 2
Cut a 2 metre length of Satin Ribbon and fold it in half.

Step 3
Glue the Prep work onto the folded Satin Ribbon, leaving a loop for the hanger.

Step 4
Glue each Grade level work in sequence down the length of the folded ribbon. Leave a small gap between each year level.