Gifts of the Spirit

Term: 4 Year: 2013

The technique of embossing and colouring foil was inspired by another school’s exhibit at the Student Gallery last year (Kent Park Primary School). 

This series was created by the Year 6s, in the weeks leading up to the Sacrament of Confirmation. 

As a class they had read about and discussed each of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.  They worked in small groups and were challenged to create a symbol or image that portrayed their Gift and how it manifested in their lives. 

They paid careful attention to selecting fonts and imagery that reflected their Gift, drawing inspiration from Religion books, picture story books and internet searches. 

The groups were also very conscious of colour choices used to represent their Gift.

They carefully drafted their work, not realising they would then be etching their work onto the embossing foil in reverse.  I photocopied their draft onto overhead transparency sheets to make this process much easier.

Once the outlines were done, students used permanent markers to colour the front side of their foil. 

St Monica’s Primary School, Footscray
Suitable for level 4