Felt & Beads

Term: 1 Year: 2007

Felt Beads 3
Felt Beads 2
Felt Beads 1
Felt Beads 5
Felt Beads 4

Children had been working on various activities related to 'Line and Texture' which included exploring
landscapes and various techniques.

The felted landscapes activity required children to make creatures using beads and wire and to incorporate them into
a felted landscape.
Instructions for these came from the Beaded Critters book.
Once they had mastered the
technique they began drawing up their own designs on grid paper to create their own creatures and objects.
then used wool tops to create their landscapes.
They placed netting over their work and rubbed it with hot water
and detergent to begin the felting process.
They then took off the netting and rolled the work inside bubble
wrap to continue felting.
For the purpose of this activity they aimed to just get the fibres to hold together. 
Some completed the felting process and were disappointed with the amount of shrinkage involved.
Many found this
activity very challenging and it really tested their persistence and resilience.

Swifts Creek Primary School