Character Faces

Term: 3 Year: 2008
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Duration – 4 sessions

 Session 1 – Introduction

This topic was introduced with a quick activity using an easel with paper and a texta.  Students chose a shape to be used as a head and then students contributed one-by-one to add other facial features, resulting in a made up cartoon character.  This was followed by an individual activity where 4 cartoon characters were created in 20 minutes – 2 male and 2 female. Share time enabled everyone to see the different results.  Finally, each student chose one of
their characters and drew it on an A3 sheet of white paper.

 Session 2 – Colouring

Chalk pastels were used to colour in students’ grey lead drawings.  The technique of rubbing and shading was taught, particularly with rubbing chalk onto fingers first then applying it to paper to achieve a more smooth result.
Details such as shadows under eyes, nose and mouth, skin colour and rosy cheeks, was considered.  Fixative was sprayed over the artwork to seal the chalk dust and then lines were enhanced with black fine liner.

 Session 3 – Hair

Coloured wool and Merino wool tops were used to create various styles of hair. Techniques taught were plaiting, twisting and knotting (to create dreadlocks), as well as applying wool in ordered patterns using PVA glue.  Once complete, the cartoon character was cut out.

 Session 4 – Background

A sheet of coloured cartridge mounting paper was used as the base for a background.  Various patterned papers (nature, metallic, kinder squares, etc) were used to create an interesting background for their character. Finally, their character was glued onto the page.

Teacher: Chris Richardson
Albert Park Primary School