Term: 4 Year: 2013

Students were provided with coloured photocopies of close up images of animal eyes.

They selected from these to draw the main outlines, details, and overall proportion and render using different types of coloured pencils. They were able to find and use their own animal eye image if they wished.

The pencils used were Derwent Inktense and Studio, Staedtler pencils, Chinagraph, and Faber Castell Polychromos.

The aim was to:

·        Improve the ability of the student to render, create layers and build up colour using an existing image. Therefore class demonstrations in rendering, as well as one to one modelling was carried out.

·        To show visual impact with the eyes when placed together on display so the eyes to be kept unframed and raw.

·        Use this task as an introduction for the staff members to look at the skills and approach of the students in the elective as it was the first time we had taught them.

·        The time frame was 3 weeks – 9 periods of 45 minutes. They took all that time and some students even took them home to finish!

Eve Nicoll
Head of Visual and Performing Arts
Glen Waverley Secondary College
Suitable for Level 6