Escher Drawings

Term: 3 Year: 2009
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Tessellation (Escher) Based Drawing Unit: yr 9 Illustration


This unit aims to develop students use of line (if using fine liner to complete their work) and tone if the student
prefers to use pencil.

Emphasis is also placed upon composition and the overall design of the final work. Students also focus on the intersecting
line shared by the images forming the tessellation.


Students first look at some of the tessellation work by M.C.Escher. Visual reference material is provided to assist
those students who require support in the development of their images.

Students then draw a large square on either A3 or A4 paper. The square is divided into 4 equal parts.

This grid is then used as a guide to draw 2 to 4 characters.

Students then complete their work in either fine liner or pencil.

Carrum Downs Secondary College