Embossing Foil Baubles


Step 1. Practice drawing various bauble shapes and patterns on a piece of paper – round, long, bulbous, solid, cut-out, etc.

Step 2. Place a sheet of foam or a silicone mat underneath a piece of embossing foil. Use an embossing stylus or pencil to draw (and indent) your design directly onto to the foil. Some students may choose to trace over a pre-drawn design.

Step 3. Cut out the bauble, adding a 2-3mm border around the edge.

Step 4. Carefully fold down the edge on the negative side to remove the sharp edge.

Step 5. Add more embossed patterns and shapes to the bauble. Colour the positive side with coloured Yoken Markers. You may choose to add other elements to the bauble such as stringed beads and tassels – these can be attached with string or with a jump ring.

Step 6. Pierce a hole at the top of the bauble, and thread with ribbon for hanging.