Term: 3 Year: 2016

This artwork was done using pointillism. The technique involves creating detailed and realistic tonal gradations only using a variation of density of point marks.

The outline was drawn softly with graphite pencil and then the points were built upon to create dark or black areas and less present in lighter areas.

This incredible detail is very time consuming. The wheels show a dissipation of point marks to communicate the idea of movement and speed. Point is a technique usually used to show stillness, however, this technique was used to show the stillness of a moment captured in time, like a high powered camera.

“Starting Line”
Black ink pen on paper
Matthew Jernejcic
Year 12


This art work is a portrait of Private Miller Mack, who was an Indigenous Australian veteran from the first world war. Private Miller Mack is recorded on the war memorial website, however not a lot of information is offered.

He was part of the 50th Australian Infantry Battalion which was raised in Egypt on 26 February 1916 as part of the “doubling” of the AIP. The 50th Battalion continued to play an active role during the Allies’ own offensive, launched on 8 August 1918. Miller Mack was chosen as a subject as he represented not only the centenary of WWI, but also the Indigenous Australians, whose contribution has been largely unrecognised.

This portrait is intended to be a respectful acknowledgement and appreciation of ALL people who served Australia in War.

“Private Miller Mack”
Graphite Progresso pencil on paper
Anthony Galileos
Year 11


Whitefriars College, Donvale