Drawing: The Portrait Deconstructed

with Godwin Bradbeer

Suitable for:ALL LEVELS

Session Times Available: BOOKED OUT!

This session provides an opportunity for participants to advance their capacity to make dramatic portrait drawings from the lifemodel.The sessionwill primarily address objective analysis and comprehension of the subject, and tuition will be both elementary and sophisticated in nature – so participants of varying artistic experience are welcome!

Issues relating to linear structure, anatomy, tone, light, empathy and visual drama will be addressed in a session that incorporates practical demonstration, discussion of work in progress and the location of ideasand modes of practice within historical and contemporary contexts.
Issues of spontaneity, gesture and expression will be addressed in addition to making work of a sustained and reflective nature. Processes (and materials) will be both conventional and experimental.

Participants should beready toget theirhands dirty!

About the Presenter
Godwin Bradbeer’s work reflects an enduring inquiry into depicting the human figure. In doing so he draws upon the primitive, the classical and the contemporary aesthetics of many cultures and disciplines. Bradbeer has been exhibiting since the early 1970’s, and whilst he has substantial experience as a photographer and a painter, his most definitive practice is in various modes of drawing. As such this Melbourne based artist is an acclaimed virtuoso draftsman, and the recipient of many major drawing awards in Australia. He creates compelling figurative imagery that seeks to establish credible descriptions of human beauty, physical ordinariness and individual and collective tragedy. In a significant respect his work also examines the viability of hand rendered imagery in an age of electronic media. Bradbeer has exhibited widely throughout Australia, and his works are represented in public and private collections in Australia and overseas.
Thames & Hudson are currently producing a major monograph due for release mid-2018 to coincide with his next solo exhibition at James Makin Gallery.


This workshop is only available as part of the Nurturing Creativity Conference on Monday 17th September, 2018.

Once booked, you will be contacted to submit your morning and afternoon breakaway workshop session preferences.

Images & Artwork courtesy of Godwin Bradbeer