Dr Max Darby 


Specialising in:
Painting – Murals – Printmaking – Drawing

Preferred Areas:
Melbourne Based

Preferred Student Level: 
P – 12


Max is passionately concerned about the environment and has made many mural installations using recycled materials. His most popular projects have involved students, staff and parents hand-painting recycled CD’s, which are then used to create a vibrant wall installation, showing off the patterns and designs for all to see. 
Many other types of murals, ANZAC Day artworks, printmaking projects and large classroom-project wall canvases are among Max's many successful projects completed with schools.

Max can handle most requests for projects, and can devise specialised programs for individual schools and their needs.


About Max
Max is a practising artist currently exhibiting work as a painter & photographer. He has worked in Art Education for many years, teaching Art across primary and secondary levels in both government and non-government schools. Max is a life member of Art Education Victoria and is a registered VIT teacher. He has run many workshops for teachers and students alike, and was also Worldwide Chief Examiner for IB Visual Art, allowing him to work work in many countries amongst variety of cultures.

Whenever possible, Max also runs sessions / speaks at Network Meetings, as well as being a seasoned presenter of Zart Workshops as well.


Contact Max

Ph: 0414 147 402 
Website: www.artseducationguru.com?






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